Having a child brings a great joy to the family. Preparing for the new family member starts long before the birth of the baby. One of the most important things is to prepare the children’s room. Modern design trends in children rooms are changing from year to year.
Saying about modern interior one of the main ideas is to use pretty neutral tones and colors. In this case, you do not have to worry about the balance of colors. The interior will always be calm and restrained. The second sign of modern design is the space and simplicity of design.
Space and compactness is the key to a modern interior. This means that there should not be a lot of furniture in the children room. In such an interior child can live up to adolescence or even longer. Moreover, if necessary, it will be much easier to change the design and decor of the interior later than if it would consist of gender structures.

The idea of the interior: Day and Night

The name of this unique idea is relative and has no direct relation to the time of day. But it reflects the contrast of colors. For this idea you can choose two colors and paint the space in two colors. Pink and white, pink and red, dark brown and beige, blue and white, green and lemon yellow, light green and dark brown, or white and blue.
There are an infinite number of options for combinations, the main thing is that one color would be dark and the other would be light. For example, one wall can be dark and three others are light. Light or neutral furniture, cribs and other accessories will coordinate contrasting colors.

The idea of the interior: quadrille and stripes

Plaid or striped theme rooms are also a good idea. The only thing you should be careful with is the choice of color. The idea is very simple. You can paint a room in one color and to make cells in the other color. It is desirable that both shades would be of light, neutral tones.
You can simply put up quadrille or strip wallpapers. Wardrobes, beds and other items should be unicolour. This design does not lose relevance for many years, and besides, it does not look too childish or boring.

The idea of the interior: Bubble theme


Another fairly simple and at the same time modern idea of the children’s room decoration is to use a bubble theme. The most simple is to paint the walls in light pastel color and draw the great circles of the same pastel color on it, but slightly darker shade. Peas and circles can be cut and pasted from vinyl. Circles painted on all the walls, make the kids room more joyful and positive. For storage you can choose the furniture or in the same pastel shades or dark contrasting colors.

The idea of the interior: the Tree of Knowledge


On one wall or in a corner, you can draw a tree with many branches, on which will be glued not only leaves, but also, for example, letters, numbers or flowers of the alphabet. A bed should be placed by the wall next to the tree. The kid will be growing up and at the same time memorizing the letters and numbers. The rest of the room furniture can also be dark brown or green.