Child bedroom is a fairyland of its’ little owner, where it must feel comfortable and interesting. You must decorate your child’s room with love and attention to its hobbies. Remember that the design of bedroom, especially the color solution, plays a great role in the development of child’s personality and character.

Ask the child

Don’t make the most common mistake- the design of child’s bedroom without its participation. Find out, what the kid wants to see in its room. Maybe, it dreams of the pirate ship, treasure island or princess castle? Try to realize all of your kid’s phantasies. The atmosphere of the kid’s bedroom must evoke only positive emotions.

The show of colors

Creating the design of the child bedroom, keep in mind that all the chosen colors have to be cheerful and vivid, as they mold the child’s character. Using color, you can stimulate some certain behavior or skill in the kid. For example, the shades of red are recommendable for slow and slack children, as this color invigorates and improves the efficiency. If your child is hyperactive, give preference to the green color which has a soothing effect and reduces irritability. Choose yellow or orange shade if your child is quiet and shy. These colors increase the thirst for knowledge, stimulate mental activity and raise the spirits.

The child bedroom furniture

All the drawers, dressers and tables in the child bedroom must be made of strong and eco-friendly materials. Don’t forget about the safety: avoid the protruding sharp angles. The child’s bed is of particular importance. It’s better to choose such a bed that will “grow” together with your child. The bed can be made in the form of the race car, or else, a soft cloud.

The child bedroom decoration

Thinking over the child bedroom design, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be boring. So, decorate it together with your child. Hang the child’s pictures on the wall and put its’ hand-made articles on the shelves. Remember about the lighting: the windows of the child bedroom must be large, so that a lot of sunlight gets into the room. It’s desirable that the night-lamp hangs near the bed. It can be made in the form of the favorite fairy-tale character. The lamp must be safe, so don’t choose glass and breakable models.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: give free scope to your imagination and turn your child’s bedroom into a real fairy-tale.