Everybody knows that a person spends a third of life sleeping. The full night’s repose is a pledge of good mood, vivacity and confidence. The bed has the most important place in the bedroom design. There is a huge choice of beds in the furniture stores.

How to choose the bed for the bedroom?

First of all, the bed must blend with the interior of your bedroom. Before buying it, you should ask the shop assistant, what material is the chosen bed made of. Besides, you should pay attention to the quality of mattress, as it determines your comfortable rest and state of health. You should also test the strength of the bed frame. The number of bulkheads at the bottom of the bed must correspond the dimensions of the bed itself.

The kinds of beds for the bedroom

There are different kinds of beds for the bedroom

  1. The round bed gains popularity among the design furniture. Due to its form and large dimensions, it is suited for the comfortable sleep. Today the most of true “sleep aesthetes” prefer the design of bedroom with the round bed. It blends perfectly with such styles of interior as: hi-tech, modern and art deco. The round bed will also take a proper place in the design of classic bedroom.
  2. The forged bed. The forged bed with exclusive forged head or both headboards stands out against the background of the other models. The forged beds are perfect for those who want to furnish their bedroom originally and in accordance with their wishes and preferences.
  3. The leather bed. Many people dream of the unique bedroom design with magnificent leather bed. Except for unusual beauty, this piece of furniture is highly hygienic. It is enough to wipe it with the damp cloth to remove the dust or your pets’ hair. It is cool to sleep in this bed in summer, while in winter it’s warm and cozy.
  4. The fitted bed (transformer). Transformer is a perfect bed for the small bedroom, as it can turn into a bookcase or dresser. The families with children will prefer the bedrooms with folding or fitted bed. Such modern furniture takes less space that the ordinary one.
  5. The podium bed. Recently, the connoisseurs of design prefer to equip their bedrooms with the podium beds. But you should know that this kind of bed can be placed only in the spacious bedroom, as this construction takes almost twice as much space as the ordinary bed. The podium beds are very comfortable, as they solve the problem of clothing storage in the bedroom.