Perhaps the modern tendency to design children’s rooms in the prominent style concept is caused by the rapid obsolescence of interior, born of the beloved hero image. Here almost everything can find its place: from a little bit faded, but still demanded Provence style to the stylish loft; from the functional high-tech to very unusually rethinking of retro. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and fresh stylistic ideas that are perfect for children’s room decoration and design: how can we implement them and for whom they suit?

Children’s loft-style is more logical to call “adolescent”. Free, spacious and a little rebellious style is closer to teenagers. This type of housing draws inspiration from the industrial design, the spacious and diaphanous textile surplus. It is characterized by high ceilings, large areas of glazing, simulating factory shops, simple and functional furniture made of wood and metal. Fragments of masonry can be used pretty often.

Interior details include ladders, metal structures, and other elements of industrial ‘heritage’. Loft can intersect with eco-style and steam-punk. These collaborations born spacious interiors, original, functional, appropriate for freedom-loving nature with original thinking.
Many deny the high-tech, accusing it of cold detachment and lack of emotion. However, when you make a children room you can go a bit away from the meticulous observance of all stylistic features, taking from the spacious and functional style the best things.

Bright and smooth tones, elegant simplicity of design, the active use of modern materials make the child comfortable and hygienic. Filling the room with all the technological innovations will delight any growing child, and rational design of the room makes the most convenient for training, games and recreation. Such room will be liked by well-minded people that have a systemic thinking and a good imagination. By changing just a few items, you can get a whole new mood of the room.

Full copies of the adult style interior while renovating at the children room is another modern trend. Passion for analogy is due, primarily, to the common belief that ‘today’s children grow up faster’. To put it mildly, this is not always true. Great information availability is not always accompanied by emotional and moral maturity. However, the modern information field generates a desire to be like adults quite early. And now there are children rooms that cannot be distinguished from other rooms in the house. They can be made in a deliberately simple, classic style or get the characteristics of the most radical art. Designing a children room, you need to pay more attention to its functionality, which should fit the needs of a small inhabitant of the room.