Toys – it is an integral part of every child’s life. Here remember yourself … Surely, you had a favorite toy – a Barbie doll or favorite shabby hare, and perhaps bear. We could read him stories, telling our secrets and dreams.

Toys should be at each kid. A child in a thousand of possible can select only one. This one he liked, and this one sunk into the soul. For kids the choice of toys – it’s the same thing for an adult – the choice of a friend or loved one. After all, no one can force us to go against our will and not to make friends with those whom we have chosen to friends or to live with those whom we have chosen for wives or husbands.

Psychologists say that toys help chubby to explore the world, to know its depth and all aspects of life. About the relation of our children to toys can be said as much as necessary: all kids are different, everyone has their own interests and inclinations. The way children behave with toys as they play and treat them, says a lot about their inner world, character and temperament. They can express their feelings to toy. Can quarrel her, punish and even to throw away. But in moments of grief kids hug the beloved teddy bear and sleep with it, sharing their children’s grief.

Toys – an integral part of the game. Playing, the child develops, grows mentally. After all mental activity is correlated with children’s imagination.

The game is able to distract the baby, cheer him up, to meet the needs of physical activity.A toy for your offspring needs to be a source of children’s joy, admiration, the motive for the game. It gives impetus to the development of creativity. For example, a doll or baby doll should cause feelings of concern and care. But in every age child needs toys various in topics and appointment . Also, boys and girls play to their interests.

So, choosing his offspring a toy, remember a few rules:

  1. Each toy is designed for a certain age. And if the child in 2 years is interested in playing machine or collectin a pyramid, in the age of seven, it is no longer relevant and it looks ridiculous.
  2. Small child should not be given toys with small parts he can simply shove them into the mouth or nose. Also, you can not give sharp and piercing parts that can cause injury or injuries.
  3. Choose toys with your child: so you will be able to learn about their interests and inclinations. Buy toys are not for quantity, but for quality.
  4. When purchasing toys that are popular with your baby, consider also a variety – toys are different in purpose and theme. Well, if you have lots of toys: developing, training, scene. Thus, the child himself will be able to choose what game he played.