What can you do to make your small apartment look large, cozy and comfortable? First of all, read our tips!

It’s such a pleasure to be a mistress of spacious and tastefully decorated apartment, where all the interior items are kept up in one style, and the space is properly organized and zoned. But, unfortunately, our apartments often have a small area. That’s why small house design is a very pressing question! What do you have to do so that your apartment doesn’t seem too small and “stuffed” with things?

Let’s increase the space of the small flat

Use the uniform floor covering and choose a single color of the walls in communicating rooms. In this way, you’ll be able to unite the space with texture, color and style.

Feel free to use the bright daring shades, and even black color, which is considered to narrow space. After all, it has its own advantages: it adds depth and richness. As a result, your room will only benefit.

The ceiling height also influences the measurements of small apartment, as the low room can’t seem spacious… To make your ceiling visually higher, the designers recommend to choose the ceiling paint or wallpaper, lighter than those of the walls (at least by one shade). Accordingly, making your ceiling darker, you’ll visually reduce your room. However, it’s also quite good, as your room will acquire the additional level, where your eyes can rest.

If you have a low ceiling, don’t choose big and heavy lamp. Give preference to the lamp with plafond, hiding the bulbs. The point lighting visually increases the space. You can mount a suspended ceiling and build several lamps into it. Even in the warm winter evening you’ll feel like you’re on the beach, as the lamps shine very brightly.

Avoid excess décor and make your home more practical. Heavy carpets, velvet drapery and bronze candlesticks with candelabrums are unnecessary.

Don’t lay up the accessories- get rid of different figures, placed everywhere, and the souvenirs, brought from the foreign travels.

The interior design of small apartment

The best style of design for small apartment is minimalism. For example, you can choose the style of traditional Japanese interior, characterized by its minimalism. Throw out the old things regularly. Create it a ritual of house cleaning from everything unnecessary. Besides: paradoxically, but even the small space can be visually enlarged.