Acquired aquarium must be completely prepared before you start decorating it and population of the fish. To start a new aquarium, you will need to buy a lot of equipment that is designed to create and maintain the most favorable conditions for the life of the fish.
Among the necessary equipment, along with filters, lighting and heating, are included compressors.

Why to install the aquarium compressor?

Some species of fish, such as the labyrinth, can breathe atmospheric air – for them percentage of oxygen in the water is not very important. Other fish breathe by dissolved oxygen. Aquarium plants also need this gas – the day they are actively pursuing the process of photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. At night, photosynthesis is not carried out – and the level of carbon dioxide in the water begins to rise.

In order to maintain oxygen balance the compressor for the aquarium must be installed. Compressors pump air into the aquarium water, thereby enriching it with oxygen.

Aeration – the main function of any compressor: oxygenated water is needed, and fish, and vegetation, and the bacteria that live in the aquarium.

With aeration possibilities of compressors are not exhausted. Continuous mixing of water layers promotes uniform temperature distribution – because the lower layers are heated less well than the upper.
Air compressor for aquarium helps to maintain temperature while preventing stagnation of water. Thus, in water, heated twith hermoregulator are not formed zones with different temperatures, and the water itself does not rot, not stagnant.

To many aquarists noise of running compressor interferes their rest, and they cut it at night. You should not do that – as already mentioned, it was in the dark that oxygen in the water is greatly reduced, as the plants begin to absorb it on a par with the fishes. Imported compressors are significantly quieter than domestic, but totally silent unit does not exist.