A bed is a place, where a child spends a considerable part of life. Depending on the age, the babies sleep from a third to a half of a day. The right choice of bed assures baby’s comfort and coziness. A comfortable child’s bed with a proper sleeping area makes the baby feel safe and calm.

Psychologist and podiatrist advise to choose size of a sleeping area according to the child’s height. The length of sleeping accommodation for an adult makes “height+ 30 cm”. The length of baby bed is calculated with a large margin (baby’s height+ 20-25 cm on each side- from baby’s head to the bed-head and from baby’s legs to the bottom edge of the bed).

Toddler beds for the children under 3 years have such characteristics: the sleeping accommodation makes 120×60 cm, while the maxheight of side walls shall not exceed 95 cm. The lower position of the bed is limited to 30 cm, while the upper position doesn’t exceed 50 cm. The dimensions of furniture, made by foreign producers, are often increased by 5-10 cm widthway and lengthways.

The first bed of the new-born has protective sides. As the baby grows up and learns some skills, the sticks of the sides are being removed, giving babies an opportunity to get out of his bed on their own. Later on, by the age of two, the front side of the bed is taken away, and the bed begins to look like a child sofa.

The right choice of the children’s furniture determines their comfortable rest, normal growth and development.

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