Data loss on Android can happen either in a good or a bad scenario. A good scenario is when the files were stored on the memory card of the mobile device. In this case, you can return them easily and even for free. Unfortunately, memory cards are more and more rare in smartphones, and data recovery from internal memory is a completely different story. We will consider both situations.

How can you recover data on SD card?

It’s simple. First of all, download and install on your computer a normal free utility for data recovery. It can be mega popular Disk Drill android data recovery tool, tensor TestDisk or PhotoRec, as well as any other similar program.
Then connect the SD card to your computer as a regular USB flash drive and start scanning it with the installed utility. Save the data and finally use free android photo recovery to backup them and other valuable files to the cloud.

How can you recover data from internal memory of mobile device?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern smartphones are connected to the computer via a special protocol, that is, not like a normal USB flash drive. Accordingly, all the above utilities are useless.
There are special android recovery software for data recovery, and they are mostly shareware. This means that you can, install the utility, scan your mobile device and see what happened to the lost restore just for free. However, if you want to pull out and keep the restored, it is necessary to buy a license.

On the one hand, this approach can be called honest. The user does not buy a pig in a poke, but gives money only after making sure that the utility is working. On the other hand, it is still difficult to part with a few dollars. In any case, the loss of information is usually the user’s fault, and a powerful blow to the wallet is a great motivator to start backing up important data.

Utilities for free android data recovery:

EaseUS MobiSaver.
FonePaw Android Data Recovery.
Disk Drill.
iCare Recovery (free!!!).
iMobie PhoneRescue.
Android iSkySoft Data Recovery.
Jihosoft free photo recovery software for android.
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.
Undeleter (if you have root access).
Wondershare Dr.Fone.

These programs of android picture recovery work roughly the same. First of all, the client is installed on the computer, then the smartphone or tablet is connected to the computer via USB. It is enough to follow the instructions exactly, and you will surely succeed. You can easily recover deleted text messages on Android with Disk Drill.

The only difficulty may be that the utility does not support a particular model of mobile devices. That is why you first need to test the program in free mode, and then buy a license.

What should you do to avoid data loss?

Back up, back up and back up again. Almost all the data on your mobile device can and should be copied to cloud storage. It is almost always free, secure and happens automatically.
For example:

“Google Mail” backup your emails.
“Google Contacts” backup contacts.
“Google Photos” backup photos, videos and screenshots.
“Google Music” backup music.

Office Suite Google backup documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Universal storage like “Google Drive”, Dropbox and other backup everything.
You may take any type of data — for sure, there is an easy and convenient way to store it safely. Take advantage of this and take care of valuable information.