Consider the main types of aquarium design. Say at once that we will talk only about freshwater aquariums, as they are more common and more accessible financially than the sea ones.

Aquarium decorations seeds

Quite frequent in recent time variant of decoration. It harmonizes well with the technological design, but at the same time, designed interesting, it will take its rightful place in the strict or home interior.
The basic principle of of creating such a design – bright colors, contrast of fishes and decorative elements, the use of lighting, emphasizing the brightness of the fishes. In most cases, this aquarium decoration occurs without the use of live plants.
For decoration of such aquarium are used natural fossilized corals, their artificial analogues, various imitations of sponges, artificial plants of bright colors (orange, yellow, red, purple). For lightning are selected lamps wiyh bright white color with a bluish tinge, such as PowerGlo from Hagen.

Classic decoration

Type of decoration, when in tank are created conditions, reminiscent of the underwater world of freshwater. This decoration mainly use natural materials for decoration: driftwood, rocks, live plants. Live plants, many are replaced with artificial, to facilitate maintenance.
There are also tanks with a futuristic design. For decoration are used unexpected materials and elements. Once I saw a tank large enough with completely unimaginable combination of all it is, the design resembled the pseudo-sea but instead of coral in the middle was a strange structure made of brown clay, something resembling a house of some cartoon characters, and thus of the inhabitants only a dozen large goldfish. Despite all this, the aquarium looked interesting. Although the attitude of aquarists to these works is ambiguous. In pursuit of design,people are often guided by the designer`s opininon and not a specialist in aquariums. This often leads to the fact that the tank or suffering from permanent inhabitants death or terribly difficult to maintain.

When selecting the inhabitants you must take into account the compatibility of the fish on the temperature conditions, water conditions, size and type of behavior. At one aquarium should be fish from the same region, sor example is inappropriate to have with major US Malawi cichlids. Selection can be left to professionals or to study the literature and the Internet.