When you purchase an aquarium, you worry about to complete with him was stand. This will be the best option, because the manufacturer of set of the aquarium – stand has adjusted perfectly all sizes and calculated the load. Of course there are situations when the acquisition of a set is simply impossible for one reason or another: lack of resources, stand does not fit your home decor or manufacturer just has not provided stand in the kit. In any case, you have to buy it separately and choose from the available stores in your range.

I shall warn that installing aquarium on the furniture not intended for this purpose is strictly forbidden, as not calculated on the required weight stand can easily break and then fall of your tank and floods of the room, is inevitable. Aquarium stand also has special design elements and ribs of stiffness significantly increasing its strength. The main factors influencing the choice of stand are the size of the aquarium and its weight.

Size of table top should be equal to or greater than the size of the bottom of the aquarium. The height is adjusted so that the aquarium was convenient to consider a seated person. It is advisable shelves closed with doors to be present in the stand, in which it would be possible to hide aquarium equipment, food, medicines, etc. Also in the inner compartments needed technological holes to take stock of hoses and wiring for example for an external filter.

Not minimis when selecting stand is the material from which it is made. It depends on the material the durability of stand and its aesthetic appearance in use. The most common and cheap material in our time is a DSP, it is suitable for most types and sizes of aquariums. Stands from chipboard reinforce additional internal walls for added strength, but this material has one major drawback, DSP does not tolerate moisture starts to swell and deteriorate in direct contact of pods to areas unprotected with the laminate.

More waterproof and sturdy material is MDF, it is more expensive than DSP, but on all the characteristics it is far superior.
A more expensive material in the manufacture of stands is wood treated with special solutions which prevent the absorption of moisture and deformation of wood. This material is much stronger than the previous ones, so lets you place on such stands large aquariums, besides it has a very presentable and expensive look.

For aquariums over 500 liters of volume should be used stands on a metal frame. Metal allows to withstand any load and humidity, but its lack is a large weight and lack of aesthetic appeal, and therefore the frame should be sheathed by any decorative material.
All the above mentioned materials are the basis for the absolute majority of stands under the tanks manufactured at this time. I hope this article will help you a little bit to orient in a wide variety of choice of stands for aquariums.