Small carpets look great in the interior. Unlike traditional large carpets, they become the main focus of the room. In fact, the entire interior is being created around them. Small rugs help to define the different zones, and even the direction of movement, they can serve as a final touch in the design of secluded nooks for reading or intimate conversations.

Bright small rugs can decorate interiors made in too soothing neutral colors. In addition, they come in a variety of models, sizes and colors, and adding them to the interior is very simple – just enroll your carpet and enjoy it.
A small carpet is considered to be a product that at least half a meter less than the width of the room.

Shade of carpet also plays a significant role. In a dark room with windows looking to the north, it is advised to buy bright, warm palette rugs. Yellow, red, peach, camel, cream options will look nice. Visually light and heat will be added indoors. And when it’s bright and hot in the room anyway, that is better to bring it a little coolness, even visual. In this case, designers recommend to look at the blue, green, purple carpets and other tones of the cold spectrum.

The shade of the carpet should always be in harmony with the floor. On light warm undertone wood yellow-green carpets play attractively. Purple and pink tones are at their best on the floor in grayish tones. Floor of red or orange shades requires saturated carpets: whether ocher, green and juicy motifs. Dark flooring contrasts well with bright carpets: white, pastel, sky-blue or pink doll.

When a certain shade dominates in the colors of the carpet it will be great if it is duplicated in the pillows, vases and other items.
In the small living room carpet is usually used to create a recreation area with upholstered furniture, under which, in this case about a third of the carpet is hiding.

In the hallway outside the door about a meter of space, uncovered the carpet is left.

In the children’s room rugs with unusual designs, such as images of favorite cartoon characters look cute.

Under the furniture Iranian carpets will last longest, distinguished by its beauty and strength, and intricate patterns will help to hide the traces of furniture.

For open spaces it is best to choose a carpet with central medallion.

Carpets are able to adjust the proportions of the shortcomings of the room. Carpet in the horizontal strip in the narrow room creates the illusion of greater width, and dark carpet, becoming the main focus of the room, diverts attention from small errors.

Small rugs look piquant. They subtly and delicately emphasize the small elements of the interior. Mini mat beside the bed in the bedroom will give some softness to the recreation area and warm the feet of those who will be there for a vacation. The mat can serve as additional seating.