A good alternative to natural grass can be an artificial grass pitch. Modern artificial grass on its qualitative characteristics is fully consistent with natural grass, but in comparison, has a number of significant advantages:

  • Exploitation of artificial grass is available throughout the year. Artificial grass is resistant to temperature changes;
  • Artificial grass is resistant to contacts with sports shoes and high loads for a long time;
  • It is easy to care for your lawn. To restore the shape of the lawn after an active load, for example, if it is a football field, it is enough “to comb” rake the grass and pick up trash from the lawn;
  • Artificial grass nap is tactilely pleasant; on the artificial turf it is very pleasant to walk barefoot, which makes it irreplaceable and easy to use as a coating for children’s playgrounds.

Artificial grass is divided into sports artificial grass and landscaping artificial grass. The difference between these types of impact is in the pile density of grass and a method of synthetic turf laying, as well as usage.

Sport artificial grass is an excellent quality sports coverage for virtually all sports fields – football fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf courses,etc.
Landscape or artificial decorative artificial grass is made in another way. Usually it consists of two types of pile: the long fibers simulate blades of grass and twisted fiber substrate in the bottom of the coating stabilizes the stems and gives flexibility to the coating. Landscape grass pile is thinner and softer than the sports grass one, stalks adjacent closer to each other, which improves its tactile qualities, as well as eliminates the need for backfill materials while mounting the coating and makes it more environmentally friendly. In addition, it is possible to install it indoors.

Lawns of decorative artificial grass are very often used in landscape design. Also decorative artificial grass is often used as a finishing material for “greening” the terraces, balconies and decorating architectural forms, etc. Very often artificial grass can be seen as a material for stands, decoration of boutiques, showrooms, shops, as well as decorating the interiors of restaurants and entertainment venues.

Landscaping artificial grass is recommended as the main floor at the chilaren’s playground. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of the lawn, artificial grass reduces injury risks at falls.

High-quality artificial grass can last from 5 to 25 years. Moreover, its decorative appearance will be practically the same because it is resistant to temperature falls and stand UV radiation excellently, without changing its appearance.