Which associations does the mention of India cause you? Of course, hot climate, spices, condiments and incense, luxurious gold jewelry, scattering of precious stones and exotic nature. All this is reflected in the modern interior in Indian style (see photo). It is easy to create a “real” India in your own apartment or private house. You can transmit a piece of this beautiful country into the design of your furniture, decor and accessories, or fully re-create the unique Indian style in the interior.

The interior in Assam Type House Front Style is very elegant, and the abundance of decoration is impressive and fascinating. Intricate patterns (even of the brightest colors) don’t look defiantly, as these fine patterns were created for centuries under the influence of Byzantine architecture and art. This is one of the brightest styles, involving the mixture of the most incongruous (at first sight) textures, colors and pieces of furniture. Abundance (even sort of excess) of details in creating Indian style of interior creates a feeling of peace and happiness, relaxes and miraculously set you up for rest. Apartment or house in this style is a nook of coziness and comfort in a large megapolis.


Abundance of drawings and combination of a large number of colors and shades in one room fully complies with the concept and creates the unique interior in Indian style. The basis of the room – walls and ceiling- shall be painted, plastered or coated with mosaic. Wallpapers are used very rarely. The walls are decorated with the classic Indian patterns and images of birds, animals and people, national ornaments (circles, triangles, flowers, curls and Paisley) and traditional painting.

In this style, color scheme combines all colors of the rainbow, the boldest shades, cold and warm tones. Abundance of gold and silver is welcome. As basic colors, you should choose orange, red, pink, brown; the use of ivory, beige, dairy and grey is also acceptable. The most popular colors used for decoration are bright green and blue, crimson, lilac, turquoise, black, light green, purple, white, brown, yellow and terracotta. Various accessories, curtains, carpets, decorative pillows and textile should be also of the bright colors with an abundance of gold embroidery.