Audi 4×4

For nearly a hundred years the German mark «Audi» is very popular throughout the world. Today, the company Audi is one of the world leaders of the automotive industry.

Audi SUVs mean reliability, stability, convenience, comfort and technical excellence. Based on the result of the popular vote Wide range of this mark’s cars took almost half of the prizes. This is not surprising, because Audi SUVs are notable not only for high performance, but also versatility. Perfect and courageous forms of auto, excellent patency in off-road conditions, spacious and comfortable interior, a maximum of comfort, plenty of electronics, safety and affordability make SUVs the best selling cars to date.

The exterior design of SUVs includes sculptural forms and sporting elegance that is very cleverly enclosed in car design, attracting the interest of motorists. Bright lights placed on both sides of the radiator grille, large wheels, bi-xenon headlights – all this makes the cars of this brand courageous and bold. With regards to interior design, everything here is elegant and stylish: comfortable dashboard, pleasant and correct forms of the seats, leather, chromium, aluminum trimming – all this creates a feeling of comfort, calm and coziness.

Based on the available information it is noticeable that new Audi Q7 got sharper, chopped body lines. Exactly this design makes this car sportier, more dynamic in show.

The new version of the Audi Q7 has become more mundane, more streamlined and even more predatory. The frontal part of the vehicle has been changed significantly. In the first instance the appearance of new front optics is noticeable ceiling which roof lights started to resemble the famous glasses of break-dance dancers from the eighties.

Compact crossover Audi, which is produced by the famous German company, has not yet become as popular as his older brothers in the face of Audi Q5 and Audi Q7, for example. However, this does not mean that this project is a bust. On the contrary, the crossover is growing up from one year to the next, it is maturing, getting virile forms and slowly gets rid of the inherent adolescence “ailments” and “age-related mutations”. This model was first introduced in the automotive market back in 2011, and had already gained a lot of fans, both among men and women audience. Since then, the marketing department of the German company has carefully and sensitively being listened to the remarks, claims and wishes of consumers, and has allowed Audi Q3 to improve and reach a new level of competition, which is very fierce, I must admit.

I must say that in the updated version of the car became equipped with all-wheel drive, while still having a full “cross-over” clearance and very modest dimensions. These features make the Audi Q3 completely adapted to the difficult conditions of modern cities life, so to speak, a full-fledged citizen. When comparing the new concept with the previous one, you can see that the designers have retained for this crossover the familiar coupe-shaped cabin line, which just adds dynamics and swiftness to the vehicle.