Audi coupe

Audi Coupe is a model with “coupe” body, created on the platform of Audi 80.
In 1980, consumers did not always associate the elegant silhouette of a sports coupe with the “Audi 80”. However, in 1980, the automaker from Ingolstadt dared to bring to market two-door coupe version of Audi 80. The dynamic appearance of new Audi Coupé GT, who had a top speed of just over 200 km / h and power output of 100 kW (136 hp), proved to be very successful. And four-wheel drive “Audi Coupe”, manufactured since 1985 has gained special respect among consumers. It was the first series of the Audi of Quattro series for the city streets.

Before the end of the model production in 1996, there has been sold more than 10,000 copies of “Audi Coupe” Series B2 and B3.
Audi Coupe debuted in 1988. Cars had 4-cylinder turbo engine 115 hp. For Quattro modification 5-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 230 hp was offered.

It is noteworthy that the first edition of Audi Coupe GT (1980-1981 years) on the trunk lid had the following model designation (information for the European market): “Audi C” – on the left, “GT 5S” – right.

True sports versions of the Audi 80 appeared on the streets in January 1993 – it was the Audi S2 Coupe with the stiff sport suspension, 230-horsepower 2.2-liter inline 5-cylinder engine instead 6step-(instead of 5)-transmission and all-wheel drive, KKK-turbocharger with forced air-cooling, DOHC-20V and Evo-Tech-control system. Forced engine perfectly realizes its cyclopean 380 Nm of torque over a wide range (2100-4000 1 / min).

External distinctions of this version boiled down to bumper with large air openings, such as Porsche brakes (with bright red supports) and “S2” information code plates. Interior has changed: cosmopolitan cloth trim with carbon paper cut outs in the interiors, a different instrument panel, sports steering-wheel, etc. From this period, all models (series V4) are manned with hatches in the roof (as a standard setting).
There was made a provision by “more modern” lighting. Classic Azev-A alloy wheels JE-DESIGN 8,5 and 10J x 17 “dimension” shod “in 215 / 45-17 and 235 / 40-17 Bridgestone-Potenza-Pneus tires. Carrying the front wheels forward has increased by one and a half centimeters. Thanks to H & R -complete suspension with adjustable spring Coupe lies 60/40 millimeters below.

DE- lights and white direction indicators were introduced only at the 94th model year. In painting halls the lower bumper and side plates were polished, machined and painted in the color of car body.

Audi Coupe ceased to show up at the light in 1995, as management considered it as unprofitable one.