Audi rims

Audi rims


In recent years Audi rims have increasingly occupied a forefront of demand. This natural tendency of growth is not surprising, as according to the latest market research, annual sales of Audi cars have also increased, actually, like ones of the main competitors of the car brands – BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

As for the lineup of car rims of the Audi brand, the choice is simply amazing in its diversity. More than 25 models of disks are presented in a variety of colors.

We know perfectly well how quickly lineup of Audi vehicles is updated and we are trying to comply with the latest innovations
From the latest innovations that can please the customers, it is worth noting these models: W569 Aiace, W567 Giasone, W565 Medea, W555 Alabama.

In addition to updating the model range, the dimension offers have been renewed too. Some already existing models of drives have appeared, but in the new size. For example, W550 Allroad CANYON, W557 S8 COSMA TWO, W560 Pompei, W561 A4 Kassel, W562 Amalfi and W563 Seattle, now these models can be picked up in more sizes.

The most popular rims in the lineup got such AUDI representatives as: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, S6 and TT.
Note that those rims have gained the greatest demand and recognition from clients: W535, W560, W561, W562, W563, W567. These rims can be matched to the range of 16 to 20.

The original design of AUDI rims is sure to impress connoisseurs as the exclusive and original conservative style. Various colors and differences in the rim coverings also extend the possible variations in the choice of rim models.
Some may tell you that the only matters diameter of the disc, but it is wrong.
For fans of sports car class “F” Audi A8 there is a very nice set of stylish alloy wheels, presented by the models: W560, W562, W536, W563, W564, W567.
For owners of the Audi S6 its own set of ‘auto decoration’ by means of models: W560, W563, and W564.
It is important not only to buy light and durable rims for Audi, but also to set them on the car properly. It is worth doing in specialized car workshops. With self-assembly you can damage the paint on the wheels.

As for the Audi rims, they are perfectly interchangeable in the group (VAG), in particular: Volkswagen rims or Skoda ones the by their characteristics will fit to the majority of Audi cars perfectly, and vice versa. After 2010, many models of Audi began to get to the new hub (DIA) 66,6 instead of 57,1, so including the interchangeable joined rims for Mercedes.