Audi RS5 sportcar

Sport models of the brand from Ingolstadt appeared in the 1990s as a result of Audi and Porsche engineers’ cooperation. Since then the production program of concern subsidiary company VW, along with Audi S, has more powerful model Audi RS. “Audi RS” is the best model for the different series in the compact class, which is known as the Audi RS Sportback. First, a series of RS has been used only for combi middle class vehicles. Later, the automaker has equipped with powerful engines and sport bodies not only sedans and convertibles, but also a roadster Audi TT.

In 2010 top-model Audi RS5 Coupé appeared on the market.

When, in 2007, ten years after the creation of the first Audi Coupé, a businessman from Ingolstadt has launched a new model Coupé, the Bavarians offered two-door version of the production model to the new series of the Audi A5 sports without hesitation. Model Audi S5, available for sale in the autumn of 2007, marked the beginning of an extensive program of products: in the spring 2009 Cabriolet Audi S5 went to the streets,and exactly six months later an improved version of the five-door sportback Audi A5 was presented. In spring 2010, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt presented the first “Audi RS 5” as a new first-class Coupé stock model.

The dynamic design of a sports model Audi RS5

It seemed that already dynamic Coupé Audi has embodied all sports elements: high radiator was supported from sides by two large air intakes, developers framed both of these structural elements with matt aluminum. An additional feature of Audi RS5 is a diamond-shaped lattice of single-column radiator, which is visually highlighted by black and matte lacquer. Wheel arches and a rear diffuser have strengthened the dynamics of sports model. Imperceptible at first glance, the rear spoiler of Audi RS5 that came to the forth only at high speed, provided high down force.


The V8 engine with 450 PS for the Audi RS5
Like the related model Audi S5, ‘Audi RS 5’ was equipped with a more powerful V8 engine capacity of 4.2 liters. For comparison, if the Audi S5 had to be satisfied with 260 kW (354 hp), Audi RS5 could count on 331 kW (450 hp). This is particularly evident in the improved acceleration parameters. Low power degree engine accelerated Coupé to 100 km mark in five seconds. Audi RS5, equipped with all-wheel drive quattro, needed only 4.6 seconds for the same thing.

Fast switching – less fuel consumption at Audi RS5
In developing the model, engineers largely relied on the seven-speed dual clutch. It allows switching faster than the previous six-speed manual gearbox, installed in Audi S5 Coupé. Another advantage of the technology, called the S-tronic was that the fuel consumption model Audi RS5 averaged 10.8 liters (CO2 emissions – 252 g / k)