Audi wagon

Audi A6 Avant (Audi A6 Avant) is «E» Class wagon with front- or all-wheel drive. Restyling version of the fourth-generation model debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014.

Planned restyling of A6 Avant affected a shape of the grille, bumpers and optics. Inside the vehicle multimedia system has undergone modernization. In addition, designers have expanded the range of finishes, both in materials quality and decisions on color. And by and large that is all. Running gear and equipment remained intact.

If you believe Audi engineers, A6 Avant body on 20% consists of aluminum, thereby it weighs less. On average, unladen car weight has decreased by 70 kg. In the basic configuration now it amounts to 1640 kg.

An upgraded line-up of powertrains can be called the main changes of restyled Audi A6 Avant. From this point there are three petrol and five diesel engines, including several harmless variants with ultra prefix in the name. All motors slightly increased in power. Petrol 1.8 liter one produces 190. s., 2-liter – 252 “horse”, and 3-liter – 333 hp. Diesel aggregates show the following results: 2-liter, depending on the force, the outputs 150 and 190 “powers”, and 3-liter – 218, 272, 320 and 326 hp.

Audi A4 Avant (Audi A4 Avant) is a «D» class wagon with front or all-wheel drive. The premiere of a restyled version of the fourth-generation model was held in autumn 2011.

Renewing Audi A4 German engineers paid attention not only to external changes (the bumper, radiator grille and taillights etc.), but also to the decoration of the car interior. In particular, the wagon got a new steering wheel, further combinations of finishing materials, as well as modified multimedia system MMI navigation plus. In addition the number of button of on-board systems has reduced.

Refinement has touched also the A4 Avant running gear. Levers of rear mount found new attachment points, shock absorbers changed the stiffness, and electromechanical amplifier replaced the hydraulic one. While driving on the straight sections it is turned off, saving fuel (up to 0.3 liters per 100 km). Audi experts paid lots of attention to powertrains lineup. So, after restyling 2.0 TDI turbodiesel engine with a centrifugal pendulum-type vibration damper acquired two additional boost options – 136 and 163 hp., while the most powerful its versions are getting 177 “horses” and 380 Nm of torque. 120 and 143-strong modification remained the same, as well as the 3-liter TDI, issuing 204 and 245 horse powers. The most economical unit (136 hp.) “eats” 4.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Among the petrol engines Audi A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI with a capacity of 170hp (380 Nm) is notable. Through innovative solutions Germans managed to reduce fuel consumption to 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers (combined), and at the same time decreased and the level of pollutants emissions – up to 134 g / km. That was achieved by the reason, that all versions of Avant, regardless of engine type and boost options, are equipped with “start-stop” and regenerative braking systems.