Baby Doll is a full functional analog of the famous Baby Born doll by Zapf Creation. This is a perfect baby doll for baby. The main difference from Baby Born (Born Baby) is that Baby Doll eyes are not closed, and no cilia, the rest is absolutely identical to the pear. It is as if the elder brother of Baby Born.

All CPMP Dolls Baby Doll have the following functions:

  • It drinks from a bottle.
  • It pees in diapers;
  • It eats porridge;
  • It goes potty;
  • It is crying;
  • It moves arms and legs
  • It can take a bath.

Every set completes with:

  • Baby Doll
  • Plate for cereals
  • Scoop
  • Vial
  • Pacifier
  • Magnetic Nipple
  • Ingredients for cooking porridge
  • Additional cover for bottles
  • Diaper
  • Pot

“Little Mommy” will be able to feed it, to seat or put it in a doll’s pram, take a walk, bathe, change clothes, play with it, put it on a pot, put to sleep in the bed – that is,to repeat all the steps of her real Mom!

Such role-playing games are set in the little girl maternal inclinations, from early childhood to help thinking correct and logical, teach kindness, care and patience.

The doll comes with a pot and accessories: a bottle, a bowl, a spoon, a “magic dummy”, diapers, pap

Baby Doll is made of rubber and plastic. It is not afraid of accidental drops, rain and dust.

For the operation of the doll does not need batteries!

  1. It is possible to bathe. It’s all clear. BUT !!! Pay attention – the doll is recommended to bathe in the bath in a sitting position in order to avoid water ingress. Keeping it under the water is not desirable! There is no drain valve, as in the Baby Annabelle or Baby Born.
  2. The doll is able to close the eyes by the magic nipples.
  3. The doll can drink. To do this, use only clean water, insert the spout bottle deeper into the doll’s mouth (to open a special drinking valve). Then squeeze the bottle, the doll begins to drink. IMPORTANT! doll should be treated in an upright position, otherwise the water will be immediately in a diaper.
  4. The doll can be fed. To do this, complete with a doll sold packets of pap, which is diluted with cold water. The doll should be fed with a spoon and always lying! It must be remembered that after feeding porridge a doll should be washed with soapy water (it should drink a few bottles and put on a pot) every night, otherwise a doll would be broken!
  5. The doll can “go potty”. It is necessary to put the doll on the pot and flatten the top, so that the doll legs would be pinched by a pot. It’s quite difficult for the kid, so he or she may need help from an adult.
  6. The doll can cry. To do this, click on her right hand. Tears will flow, if the doll was sufficiently watered!
  7. The doll can laugh. Rather squeak. To do this, click on the left hand.
  8. Move the arms and legs. Doll does not move his arms and legs by itself! Only with the help of a person.