From the very first days of life the child must have his own clearly defined and drawn up in line with his needs space. At the same time to prepare the room for a tiny resident is much more difficult than to design your own bedroom or living room. After all, when creating the interior of children’s room you need to take into account the thousands of little things which are not important for an adult, but vital for the tiny creatures. About these very small things with a capital letter we will tell you in this article.


The first two months of life, babies sleep for 16-20 hours a day. And all the while they are in their cribs. So this piece of furniture is the basis of the entire interior and has every right to take a central position in the nursery. By putting a crib in the middle of the room, you automatically deal with several problems at once.

First of all Crib placed like that is located at a maximum distance from the front door and walls adjacent to the noisy rooms (kitchen, living room).

Secondly, you will protect your baby from the harmful effects of heating radiators that will dry his skin.
Third, the baby won’t catch a cold from a long stay near the cold outer wall. In addition, the bed is better to put in a slightly lit area. It is also desirable to separate the recreation area and a zone of games for the baby from the very first months of life to develop a clear association on the delimitation of the living space. In bed, he should just sleep, but for all other activities there are other places.

The first months and years of life are in close cooperation with his mother, so it is very important to create a comfortable environment in the nursery, not only for the baby, but also for his nurse. It is advisable to put there a bed for mom, so she would not have to run to the beloved babe from the other room every half hour, when it will start teething. To the kid it was convenient to feed and rock, it is better to buy a comfortable rocking chair. A changing table and chest of drawers for the first baby clothes will complement the mother’s place.

Of course, in the first months of baby’s life you do not get to play with him in the mobile games, and reading books on the joint will unlikely have any sense. But as soon as a child begins to shake the rattles and pull his hands to the bright toys, baby room must be equipped with a special area for games. There must be boxes or baskets for toys, tummy-time mat for infants and a playpen. Design and equip the area for games with the child in active games and a place where you will show your child pictures of books, toys and various items properly.

Mandatory attribute of baby room is a small night light near the head of the crib. It is advisable to buy a night light with controlled lighting levels, which are not too large in size and suitable for the overall style of the room by its appearance.