After finishing the construction and design of your own home, you should pay special attention to the design of the backyard, because the beautiful cottage and landscape design are two inextricably linked concepts. No matter how beautiful is your backyard, only eye-catching landscaping will emphasis its splendor and complete the creation of a composition. Today we know a lot of styles to design gardens, all of them very diverse, but at the same time, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Wattle fence instead of a graceful one, wheelbarrow or a cart filled with lush flowering plants, winding paths and simplicity in everything – it can be described as a rustic homestead. In recent years, m this style of landscaping design became a choice for people who dream to enjoy the natural beauty and charm of nature.


The main task of rustic style is to demonstrate the unity of nature and the environment created by human hands. That is why for home decoration the paths and small architectural forms are created using only natural materials – wood, stone and clay.

In the design of the backyard in a rustic style any items of rural life can be involved – wooden wheels, old watering cans and iron pots, clay pots and birdhouses. These items will help to recreate a traditional rural flavor and become a bright note in the design of any of the infield.
It is impossible to imagine a rustic homestead without flowers. Of course, exotic flowers are unacceptable, but hollyhocks, chrysanthemums, daisies, marigolds and irises perfectly fit in home landscape design in a rustic style. It is not necessary to refuse from vegetable patches and beds planted with traditional vegetable crops, which not only decorate the site, but also allow to collect a bountiful harvest of greens and vegetables.

Interesting decor items can be wells, plaited fences, wooden sculptures of animals or characters of fairy tales.

Landscape design in the Chinese style cannot be called simple, because it has its own special philosophy in which every object is filled with its sacred meaning. You cannot call it too cheap, because in the Chinese style garden you will have to recreate the traditional nature of China – from the crystal clear lakes to the majestic mountains.

In the Chinese garden there are no random objects and plants, each element here occupies a special place. In this garden such plants and trees such as pine, peach, plum, poplar and willow must be present. Particular elements of this garden will become stones, devoid of any greens.

The British have always appreciated the simplicity and naturalness that embodied even in landscape design. English style is often called ‘landscape’, underlining the predominance of natural compositions in the design area.
As a rule, the landscape design style to their backyards is chosen by people who wish to create a picturesque corner of peace and unity with nature, which is dominated by free placement of vegetation and natural configuration of paths and trails.