Nowadays, the landscape design is striking in its uniqueness and at the same time, simplicity. Many ideas can make your backyard beautiful and unique, and most importantly, it all depends on your creativity.

The main plus of garden bridges is a visual increasing of the site area bringing a new and original look to your garden. It is worth noting that such bridges as well as serve as a component of the walking trail, making it more expressive and impressive. Garden bridges are not too expensive, and the material from which they are made may be the most diverse (wood, metal, stone). If you decide to equip your backyard with such bridges, do not spin out the money and purchase a handicraft, all the more so there is an option of manufacturing the bridge of your design!

backyard landscaping designs

backyard landscaping designs

Indeed, the best compliment to your garden can be considered a dry creek. This method of landscape design is included natural stones, laid out in the form of a dried-up riverbed. Use a dry creek in places where the creation of an artificial pond for some reason is impossible. The idea comes from Japan, where the dry river is not only very popular, but it is believed that it laid a sacred meaning. Japanese believe that if a garden to decorate this design solution, it will bring harmony and well-being to the hosts of the home.

Regarding the creation of a dry creek, then for this, you will need your imagination, natural stones and as an option fine-grained stone chippings (with the help of it you can draw the water surface). Contours of the stream can be decorated not only with flowers but also ornamental plants such as juniper, dwarf spruce or mountain pine. You can also combine different techniques of landscape design, in this case, mounting a garden bridge above the dry creek.

Another original solution for a garden plot is an imitation of the so-called abandoned garden. The idea is to create an ecosystem in which all will resemble a piece of wild nature. There must be present a pathway covered with moss; weeds are placed randomly throughout, small bushes and grasses, etc. The main thing that this ecosystem has taken root in the local context; this requires mandatory participation of insects and birds. Therefore, in addition to a variety of plants in this garden, there must be bird feeders, bird houses, etc. It is worth noting that the ‘neglect’ garden is not a cheap pleasure and requires the mandatory presence of a specialist when the area is landscaping. It is also essential to know that all the elements of such an ecosystem have to complement the environment, and in any case, do not contradict it, or, despite its naturalness, this abandoned garden quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.

Glowing stones is an innovation in the field of landscape design. Night garden should be not only beautiful but also safe to move on it and rest in it. Glowing stones can be a very creative and original solution for backyard lighting.