The dining table can be beautiful, functional and compact, taking little space in the smallest kitchen. When you choose a perfect table for the small-sized kitchen, put yourself a simple question: what do you need it for? Do you want the table for the solid family dinners or for spots of lunch? How many people will sit at this table every day? Do you like to receive guests or often eat outdoors? The answer will determine a form and size of your kitchen table.

How to choose a small kitchen table- the advice of designers

The experts of kitchen furniture advise to stick to some simple rules, choosing the certain model of dining table for small kitchen. The round-shaped table will fit perfectly for a small kitchen. It looks less clumpy and visually relieves the space. It doesn’t have sharp angles, so it is much more comfortable for sitting in a warm company. It makes your kitchen really cozy and homely. A small round table will blend perfectly with any interior. If you choose between a round and square table, the designers advise to give preference to the square model, as it looks more compact.

An excellent solution for small kitchen is a table-transformer. Mostly, such tables are extended in the middle, and the table area increases with the help of additional panel, put into the resulted space. In such a way, the round table turns into the oval one, and the square table top becomes rectangular. There is another option: the edges of table top are folded on the sides and collapsed if necessary. Such tables are perfect for a small kitchen.

If you have a small-sized kitchen, you can choose the dining table with elegant legs (for example, of chrome-plated metal). The number of the legs depends on the model. It’s not necessarily that the table has four legs. For example, the round wooden table with a carved leg in the middle or a forged base is suitable for the kitchen in classic style.

If your kitchen is so tiny, that it’s impossible to find room even for the smallest dining table, try to replace it with the bar counter or folding top-table.