Interior decorating is the final stage of the overall development of interior design. It includes the choice and placement of different decorative items and accessories in the interior.

You can either entrust the experts with the interior decorating or perform it yourself.

Where to begin the interior decorating? It is the best to start with breaking a problem into several stages: preliminary stage; choice and purchase; placement of the chosen items of décor in the interior.

The preliminary stage represents the intensive thinking over the idea of interior decorating. What style do you want to use for the decorating? Should it be luxury or, on the contrary, minimalistic? What are the preferable for this or that style? You must put yourself these questions and answer them as soon as possible.

At the time of preliminary stage, you must make a careful study of the décor items’ and accessories’ assortment, offered in the shops and salons.

You should start the stage of choosing the décor items and accessories with the choice of chandeliers, table and wall lamps, sconces and other illuminating equipment. Besides, you should take into account both decorative and functional component, as the lighting instruments must provide the required illumination level in the accommodation.

The next stage of the hand-made interior decorating is the choice of curtains or jalousie. The rules are quite simple. For the small rooms, choose the curtains of light fabrics. And if your room is large-sized, give preference to the curtains dense dark cloth. The kind of textile for the window decoration is chosen according to the existing style of interior design.

The next decorating stage includes the choice of table-clothes, bedding, bedspreads and decorative cushions. The rules are also very simple. If the interior of your room is performed in quiet color score, choose the bright textile with interesting texture. And for the many-colored interior, choose the textile of pastel coloring without any complicated textures.

The final stages of interior decorating imply the choice of pictures or reproductions, sculptures, vases and other accessories. At that, you can be guided by the available home décor (for example, brought from the journeys), or buy a few accessories, matching the overall interior style.

Thanks to the skillful decoration, the interior acquires the completeness, become harmonious and comfortable.