Towels are an indispensable attribute of every bathroom. Quantity of towels for a family member, the material and methods of storage can be different, but hygiene requirements are the most important.

In each house certainly there is a shelf or even a wardrobe which purpose is towels storing. That is not a secret that their number should not be limited by one or two.

Every person needs several towels:

  • for the hands and face;
  • bath towel;
  • for legs;
  • for private parts.

Also, it is important to remember the most common sizes of towels. Almost at the every store you will find a standard 100×150 cm bath towel, average one of 70×125 cm hand towel of 50×90 cm, and the smallest for the face of 30×30 cm. On the market there are other sizes of towels, which will be useful for people with large growth and bodily constitution.


For a typical family of 4 people 16 towels are required, but it is also necessary to have extra towels. To visit the gym or pool it is useful to have little microfiber towels. Also usually at every house there are special guest towels. Usually they the same quality but different colors to make it easier to distinguish.

Many families are concerned about the small towels for each individual, in some homes, hand towels and face is shared by all family members. Bath towel can also be for all members individual for everyone. Sometimes, they are break down on the principle: one for adults, the other one is for children.

Hygiene rules are kept very easy – they are washed often. After the shower towel goes to the washing machine, face and hands are wiped for one day, then the towel is washed.

Which fabric should be the material for bath towels?

Bath Towels

  • Regardless of the number of towels, they should be of high quality, soft, natural, washable fabrics – cotton, bamboo or flax.
  • Terry cotton or bamboo towels are permanent leaders among bathroom textile. But we should not buy cheap products with sloppy edges, they are usually substandard and do not absorb moisture.
  • Bamboo towels are soft, practical, have a wide range of colors and textures, but their main advantage is hypoallergenicity, these towels can be used even in the care of infants.

Terry towels

Another novelty is microfiber products – lightweight, with excellent wear resistance, thin but with good absorbency. They will be invaluable at travels, at the beach or a hike.

Where should the towels be stored?

Each bathroom has a heated towel rail, which is convenient to hang a wet towel on. You can use special hooks or holders.

So, white towels will suit any design, they will bring freshness and purity. They need to be washed more often than colored products, but they are made without the addition of dyes. In order not to focus on towels, choose them to match your tiles. If your bathroom seems too pale, choose towels with an extraordinary figure, only perform a little experiment before. Take a corner of the towel and rub the product between your fingers. If the skin has the color trail – there is a possibility of using dyes with chemical additives.