Bathroom ceiling is one of the most important details of the general interior. You must pay no less attention to it than to the walls. Many of us don’t are unaware, that this part of the bathroom can act as an excellent addition to the interior.

The first way of decoration of the bathroom ceiling is just to whitewash or paint it. This option is easy in execution and fits the budget repair. Of course, such ceiling can’t be especially beautiful, but it will look quite fitting. If the surface is not even, and you still want to save on materials, maybe you should peer at water-proof gypsum cardboard, with the help of which you can level any surface in your bathroom.
Tension ceiling is another interesting way of transforming your bathroom ceiling. As appears from the name, this ceiling is mounted by means of tensioning of special linen (plastic or fabric). The best option for the bathroom ceiling is plastic. The installation of such ceiling is rather complicated, so you should entrust it to the experts with the special purpose equipment.

Plastic panel is the golden mean in the relations of price and quality. The ceiling is decorated by plastic, but with the help of special panels, which you can install yourself. Due to the special fastening end-to-end, after the installation of the ceiling looks almost like the whole panel.
Suspended ceiling is the most elegant solution for the bathroom. Such ceiling looks quite impressive and acts as a separate element. This choice is more expensive, but the result will look more impressive and delight the eye of everyone entering your bathroom.