Let’s assume that you decided to fulfill your long-awaited dream and remodel your bathroom. Before getting to work, you must plan all possible calculations and study the existing options of finishing the walls, floor and ceiling and choose optimal sanitary ware.
So, you decided to use bathroom remodel calculator of the cost of repair. Where to start? Decide whether you will do the work on your own or entrust it to the workers.

Note! If you decided to rely on the workers, you should remember that hiring the free builders is cheaper than professional crew. However, the latter option ensures the availability of warranty on the work performed, and in case of certain unforeseen situations, you will be able to make a repair for free.

Next important part of the expenses is a purchase of building and finishing materials. Today, you can calculate the repair by the amount of material using a simple online calculator of bathroom renovation.

Tip! By using bathroom remodel cost calculator, you can save time and avoid miscalculations.

Example of bathroom remodel calculator

You will need:

  • measure all the linear sizes of the room (length, width and height) with centimeter-level accuracy;
  • make a drawing of floor, walls and ceiling in scale;
  • choose materials for the floor, walls and ceiling;
  • clarify the sale option of the chosen material (apiece or in packages, volume of packages);
  • bathroom remodel cost estimate calculator will help to find out the amount of material by comparing the size of materials and surface area;
  • after consulting the professional builder, calculate the required amount of binders and fasteners;
  • use bathroom remodel calculator to determine the amount of cash, required for the purchase of all materials; in this case, the price in hardware stores or markets will serve as a point of reference.

Bathroom remodel calculator of funds

Everyone knows that remodeling is expensive. Often, having determined with the collection of ceramic tile, plastic, sanitary equipment and count the cost for bathroom remodel calculator of the necessary budget, the user understands that he/she can’t afford the chosen option of bathroom renovation at the moment. What can be advised in such situation? There are several options:

  • refuse from the chosen expensive option and use its cheaper analog; for example, instead of tile, you can face the walls with plastic panels, cover the floor with linoleum and paint the ceiling;
  • don’t abandon the your favorite collection and realize a phased renovation of the bathroom;
  • in the first year, you can buy all materials from the same batch (except tile adhesive, prime and other materials that have a short shelf life), and for next year — buy and install the sanitary ware;
  • a number of construction companies, working with the banking partners, offer to pay the repair in installments (you get the turn-key bathroom and pay for the service provided during the year).


Thus, this article demonstrates that the main document, without which it is impossible to calculate the repair of bathroom, is an estimate. Only it can give an idea of how much does a bathroom remodel cost and prevent the unreasonable expenses and define the required amount of material.

Well-planned construction estimate is a guarantee of optimal expenditure. If you decided to realize your idea of bathroom renovation with the help of bathroom remodel budget calculator and professional builders, your main task is to carefully study the estimate, provided by the executing agent, or preferably develop it on your own or collectively.