Today we’ll talk about the design of small garden, the way and style of their decoration. After all, not only the owners of big country-house plots want to have beautiful flower gardens, green grass-plots and recreation areas. The plots near the house become less and less. But it is quite possible to turn it into a cozy small garden.

The design of small garden

The main thing you don’t need to do in the small gardens is try to fit a vacant space with everything you like. Every garden must have some free space, especially the small gardens. After all, the garden larded with different plantings will look cluttered up. It is necessary to use the vertical gardening in the design of small gardens. Plant the twining plants along the wall. It will add your garden some safety and comfort and obscure the view of your fence.
In small gardens, you can place maxi-bonsai in pots along the paths, on the grass-plot or in the flower gardens (the collection of flower-pots) and plant them in the open ground. These beautiful formed evergreens draw the eyes like a magnet. In the garden centers and nursery gardens you can buy the plants, formed in different figures. They are made of pine, thuya, yew, boxwood or crenate ilex.

Hanging ornamental flowerpots

The plants in small hanging pots or ornamental flowerpots are perfect for the small gardens. Place them near the house and plant aromatic herbs or ampelous species of petunia, which will delight your eyes with their flowering and aroma from the beginning of the summer until autumn. See to it that the soil doesn’t dry up. Water the plants as often as possible or place them in the shadow.

Round shapes

The round shapes fit perfectly for the design of small garden. Even small garden is impossible without trees. But it doesn’t mean that you must plant only small dwarf species. Plant one big tree in the center of your garden and lay out the recreation area around it. In the hot day, you can rest under the canopy of this tree. And in the evening you can hold tea-drinking in family circle. You can make a round reservoir and plant the water lilies. You can also plant moneywort, marsh marigold and sedge along its edge.

Another optical effect for the expansion of space is the reflection. It can be created with the help of small reservoir, such as artificial stream or pond.
The mirror also can create reflection in your garden. The main thing is to locate it properly. It will seem that your garden has prolongation.