Blinds are one type of window covering, which are adjustable straps of fabric, wood, plastic or metal bonded so that the straps can be rotated by changing the position from the open to closed.

In horizontal blinds is used the so-called system of “ladder” that allows you to open or close the blinds with special rotating drum, with the lifting cord is needed to fix the blinds in position, and the cane – to rotate the slats.

Type of control “stick-string” is typical for products of standard collection. In more modern systems management is carried out by a single chain, responsible for the turn-slat slats and their movement and self-locking.

For the production of vertical blinds are generally used wider lamellas. Vertical, have also an additional feature, which is that by pulling the cord, you can either add up all the straps together – a “closed state”, or vice versa, stretch them out along the entire window.

To rotate straps is possible by means of a special mechanism which is in the eaves, to which are attached directly all the straps at a time, slightly overlapping . That is, with the possible turning slats blinds in one or the other side of 180 degrees on its axis.

The first vertical blinds were invented by Edward and Frederick Bopp Kansas City, which had an original patent. Company for the production of blinds was called Sun Vertical. In the 1960s, the patent and the company were sold.

Rolettes in Britain also classified as blinders. They are able to completely restrict access of light or minimize review of interior rooms. The main types of roller shutters – protective and fabric, are able to decorate the original opening and provide an intimate atmosphere.

Blinds on the windows reduce the impact of high temperature on the premises. Even the ancient Egyptian pharaohs had blinds made of reeds. Most of the blinds from the beginning of the 10th century were made of wood, reeds or strips of fabric.

Window blinds can be driven in two ways: manually using cord, or automatically through motorization (electric motor). To control motorized blinds possible from a wall switch or keypad, remote control or a PC. That is, the motorized systems relieve of cords and allow to make remote monitoring. This is especially good if access to the window for some reason is limited or difficult.