In front of any aquarist gets issue of decoration of fish house. Decorations in the aquarium turn fish corner in an extraordinarily beautiful decor element of the entire premises. Decorations for aquarium can be both natural and artificial, giving endless scope for the creation of a unique and inimitable design.

The use of live plants as a decoration is not always convenient, because some fish may simply not like. Therefore, for aesthetics are used various objects. Natural decorations for aquariums come in the following forms:

  • snags of a mango tree, African Mopani, alder and others. Before you use it it is advised to boil sbags for a couple of hours, to avoid coloring of the water in brown. The advantages of such decorations for aquarium – the allocation of tannin and humic acids, which are useful for many fish and plant species;
  • various stones. Buying them should only in special stores to be sure that they can not harm the flora and fauna of the aquarium;
  • sea corals, shells. Before purchasing consult with the seller – some shells can be destroyed in fresh water for some corals can be scratched certain types of fish. So first check. And useful tips – after buying a few days sink soak in water to make sure that it not harmful to fish covered with varnish;
  • different types of soil – pebbles, black quartz, coral sand, etc.

Decor for the aquarium

Artificial decor for aquariums – is limitless means for decoration. There are ceramics, silicone, a wide variety of types and forms. Stunningly decorated aquarium with the help of artificial materials is easier to maintain, requires a rare clean and very pleasing beauty.
Production of such products takes almost all aquarium firm. You can buy decorations for the the aquarium of the following types:

  • snags that can mimic or be true vibrant colors;
  • stones imitating reefs, lava, granite and much more for boundless imagination;
  • coral and shells. Natural corals are rapidly destroyed in fresh water, lose color upon drying and can injure fish. But you can buy decorations for the aquarium, made of silicone, and deprived of all these disadvantages;
  • plants species and colors of which is an incredible assortment. Plastic plants will last you about three years, and caring for them is to wash with liquid soap;
  • backgrounds for aquarium that film glued to the glass. There is also a background with PVC with embossed surface, which can be with rocks, corals and so on. Many backgrounds allow to disguise equipment;
  • Decorations for aquarium can be purchased in the form of castles, sunken ships, motes, arches, volcanoes, caves, castles, statues and more. Many elements allow the fish to hide.