Quality hunting knives, cutting tools for tourism and fishing, professional knives of rescuers, adventurers, divers’ knives and so on have a lot in common. All these products must be reliable, durable and functional as possible.
Best hunting knife is a model that is suitable for use in the overwhelming number of cases: in different hunts to perform different jobs, it is comfortable to wear (weight and dimensions). Buying a good hunting knife, with an eye to the role of a universal cutting tool is a whole science, the secrets of which we are willing to share.


First of all, you should determine the type of knife: whether it will be fixed or folding hunting knife. In addition, the knives for hunting, hiking and fishing can be divided into universal and special products on the budget and premium levels. More knives are distinguished by country of origin and brands, based on the blade and the handle, the presence of additional functions etc.


A knife with a fixed blade is a priori more reliable than a foldable hunting knife. But ‘folders’ also have their ‘trumps’. They include smaller size, high security, ease of transportation. For a number of huntings it is not absolutely necessary to have a large hunting knife with a large blade. Fowling does not require cutting knife, hunting knife or a skinner. A folding model with 8-11 cm blade, long, comfortable handle and security lock will be quite enough. After buying a folding hunting knife, you can disembowel a duck or goose, cut products for the table, to plane camp pegs or cut branches for temporary shelter.

The main hunter knife yet is a versatile hunting knife with a fixed blade length from 12.0 to 17.0 -18.0 cm and a big handle (comfortable in any size hand-grip). These parameters correspond to the best hunting knives. Products with fewer blades cannot perform a large variety of functions; they are ineffective in self-defense against a wounded big game and finishing the impressive hunting trophies. ‘Combat’ hunting knives with too large blades require a lot of skill to handle them. In particular, in order to inflict accurate, sure hit such a large knife a very strong, well-trained hand is needed. Otherwise, the blade will simply slip off. Many studies and tests have proved that the best hunting knives have a blade length of 14.0 – 17.0 cm.

Inexpensive hunting knives from trusted manufacturers mean a high quality for a fair price. Those who want more individuality, who are willing to invest a decent amount of money to the ‘image’ of hunting knife, should choose the model, decorated with chasing, carving, silver or gold accents. Pay attention to hunting handmade knives, knives of small and limited series, with blades of expensive steels (laminate, Damascus, advanced powder steels) and handles made of natural horn, bone and valuable timber.