Selecting a bed for a newborn is a very difficult task for parents. Buy a baby cot means, above all, to explore all options offered by the manufacturers. How to choose a a baby bed? What features should have a baby cot? From what material shall be made a cot for a newborn?

These and many other questions are sure to emerge when choosing beds for the baby. There are several main types of beds for newborns and older children:

  1. The crib-cradle – a small cozy bed. As write some sources, they are designed for children from 0 to 1 year, but in fact, the child will there feel comfortable to a maximum of 6-7 months. When a baby learns to roll over, he will need space. But crib-cradles are very nice and cozy. So if your family budget allows, then crib-cradle is an excellent option for the first time.
  2. Cribs-transformers – crib in which the child can sleep up to 14-16 years. First, they are in the form of conventional beds, and when the baby is ready to go into a big bed, crib converts into adolescent sofa. This kind of cots has many advantages. Firstly, it is quite economical option. One bed will serve you for a long time. Secondly, this option gives not only the bed, but also very functional changing dresser. Depending on the model, there may also be a shelf, etc. Crib-transformer – a great option for a separate equipped children’s room.
  3. Classic cots. They can be static or can be provided with rocking mechanism. Usually beds are equipped with mechanisms of motion in two basic types.
    The first option – cots-rocking. They have the usual arcuate legs that allow the crib to stagger from side to side. The second option, in my opinion, more successful – a baby cot pendulum. The pendulum can be longitudinal and transverse, and sometimes two of these options are combined. Longitudinal – is when the baby is swinging along the body, and thus a cross – crosswise.
  4. Fabric cots-playpens. This option appeared not so long ago. It is ideal for travel. This bed-manege can be easily folded into a compact bag and take to the road. There are two variants of the folding mechanism – an umbrella and a book. Umbrella is smaller, but book has a stronger bottom. But still, here, as in all other cribs certainly need a good mattress.