Stationary fountains consist of a special equipment set, which includes pumping devices, connections and valves for all kinds of nozzles, giving the appearance of a jet.

Stationary fountains tend to be more overall than floating ones and their design is more focused on the decorations of the construction. Stationary fountains are usually decorated with sculptures, all kinds of architectural forms and stones. Such fountains are notable for an impressive size, so they need to be built on a foundation. The central figure is set at the pool and sometimes the secondary, smaller ones on the perimeter. The most popular forms are bowls, sculptural images of people and animals, plants, which are designed for all-round visibility.

These units require a smooth bottom and reliable foundation for the pump. This ensures straight and stable location of the assembly. And only after that the pool is framed out of the individual elements, which will serve as the main repository for water. If reservoir is ‘pellicular’, a solid plate is mounted on the bottom (for example, plastic one), which is connected to the pump. It is important that the pump stood straight on a plate. If the concrete bowl, the issue of smoothness depends on the concreting works quality.

The most common units are provided for mounting on the bottom of the pond, calculated to a depth of 25-40 cm. Fountain nozzle should be on the water surface, so the tube from the pump is stretched to it. There are ready-mounted on-site units for stationary fountains. Ready-mounted mean a pump, a nozzle and a backlight collected in a single unit. There are models that are equipped with only certain nozzles, and there are models where nozzles can be installed at customer’s option. The advantage of ready units is a quick installation. However, they will not fit in the complex fountain construction.

Stationary fountains can be installed at any place of the garden plot. They have a disperser that supplies a stream of water and the latter drops into the bowl of the fountain. They are usually made of artificial stone – a durable and hardy material. Stationary fountain at the site should be part of the landscape design. Its own design can be quite varied. Now on sale there is a large range of decorative fountains for the most demanding customers.

The garden, filled with various architectural compositions can decorate more complex and original fountain with several bowls. You can also choose from different forms of bowls. General classic landscape requires rigorous geometric forms. Here rectangular or square fountain bowls are appropriate. The Baroque style can be supplemented with elaborate round or oval fountain. If, however, the landscape resembles a wildlife area, a fountain here must be equipped with a bowl of irregular shape, resembling a natural lake.