For all parents children’s room design has a paramount importance. With a relatively small area, it must be multi-functional, safe, beautiful and modern. Most problematic in the interior of child’s room is to equip a sleeping place. For families, which are raising more than one child, a bunk bed is the ideal solution in a small room, where children grow and evolve.

Configuration, design and dimensions of beds are so diverse that allow you create a unique interior of the kids room. The bunk beds can be used for young children and adolescents, it is important that the chosen model meet the basic criteria.

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In the first place out of all the rules of selection of the bed must be safety. If you choose a two-tier bed you must take into account the child’s age.
For young children, it is important to choose a model in which the ‘legs” are quite stable and volume. The sleeping area is barriered by secure-backed bumpers; ladder is firmly attached to the bed with a slope.

The staircase to the second floor must be very solid, with wide steps, to children’s feet may be placed entirely on them and do not slip. Great idea how to make such a staircase as safe as possible and multifunctional – it is to mount drawers for clothes in the steps.
The height of the tiers must also be safe and comply with the child’s growth. The smaller is the child, the lower should be placed a sleeping place. it is necessary to equip the second floor with the protective bumpers.


If the children’s bedroom is a stationary room, separated from the others by wall partitions, or has a large area, the beds can fulfill its intended purpose, their design is not complicated by additional cupboards or drawers.
These models are perfect for travelers with children, hotel rooms, hostels or in family day care centers.

One of the important advantages of these beds is that the cleaning of flooring beneath them can be carried out without difficulty.
However, most often in the same room for the children we have to combine both dressing room, and playing and working areas. In this case, these models are inevitable, in which there are cupboards, shelves and drawers for clothes.

Some designs of bunk beds can be used for three children. On the lower level there is a bed for two, and at the top – for one more kid.
To make a large-sized structure more stable, you can use the rack, while the employee back to bed.
Staircase leading to the upper level, you can do so that it was also a sports equipment – some kind of improvised wall bars.