Most parents of twins or, for example, children whose age difference is small, in the future, faced with the choice of beds.
When the children grow up and you want to design a children’s room so that it was as much space, many parents prefer not to choose two separate beds, but one bunk bed.


But how to choose a bed that will be comfortable for children and take up little space?

First, let’s say about the merits of bunk beds:

  1. If child’s room is small, this bed makes it possible to save space!
  2. It is an interesting playground as children like to sleep and play at such beddings.
  3. It is much cheaper to buy a bunk bed than two separate beds.

What should I look for when choosing a bunk bed?

The most important is the material from which it is made. Of course, it is better when the material is safe and natural.

Many people prefer models made of metal, as they are more stable, reliable and durable. But do not forget the wooden beds, as they are also safe and comfortable. Pine, which is belonging to solid wood, valued above the rest and is a very durable material that will last many years.
Size beds are dependent primarily on the needs of the child. You can choose a longer bed or vice versa – the shorter one. The average size of these beds are 190×90 cm.

Mattress is better to get along with the beds, even despite the fact that it will cost a bit more expensive. The depth of the bunk beds should be such that the mattress did not go beyond the sides of the bed. It is great if the fillers are natural with cotton or linen finishing. Do not skimp on the mattresses, because your health, and thus well-being depends on its quality.

It is better to get this piece of furniture with rounded corners. Pay attention to its design, the junctures, everything should be perfect.
At the top tier bed should have special protective walls for a child in a dream not to fall from a height.

The distance between the two tiers should be such that you could easily sit down to a child to read a book at night or just to talk, and while that you should feel comfortable.

This bed kit should also include a handy ladder, rungs have to be frequent and handrails strong, so the child can easily climb up.
The ladder can be positioned in front, side, vertical and inclined – it depends on your preference. Also, the stairs may contain withdrawable drawers for clothes that are very convenient. Linen, clothes, toys and other things can be folded there.

Very handy if bunk bed is additionally equipped with a computer or desk, nightstand, cabinet, etc. Then you can make the most efficient use of the free area.