After reading the heading of the article, you may not understand what it means. All admirers of boxing know that the “Sweet Science” is a type of sport that addresses the disparities between people of all races, beliefs and origins. “Variety is definitely a large part of boxing.” The type of diversity under discussion is based not on ethnic origin, but on the spirit of the both fighters involved as well as their ability to prove themselves in a difficult situation.

Starting a fisticuff for an average person is generally something emotional. It’s a situation when someone was deceived and is searching for a vengeance. However, for a professional boxer, battle is quite another matter. While a lot of emotions can pervade a fight, like that the sports world was offered in September, the battle is also imbued with a sense of acute danger for both athletes.

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez had already sparred before, and therefore both of them know how dangerous the other boxer is. Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin prepared for that fight for several months, and each of them realized that a victory meant more than just getting a title of an unquestionable middleweight champ. To win this match-revenge means to make a mark in history.

That said, both boxers and their teams knew that if they wanted to ensure the victory then they had to do everything possible and impossible.

For Alvarez, this implied demonstrating a tougher side, expressing a willingness to do everything to ensure victory. It meant fixing all mistakes he made in the first battle and proving everyone that he could defeat a larger man with a rough style of fighting.

At the same time, Golovkin had to show that he could be not just the bull in the ring. The aggressive attitude is just not enough to beat such a smart fighter as Alvarez. Golovkin had to demonstrate that he could really win the battle without resorting continuously to pressure forwards. He had to show that he could use other approach in his way to victory.

It is indeed tragic that in any kind of competitive sport, one athlete will choose the wrong approach and suffer a regrettable defeat despite all having tried so hard.

However, even though Alvarez was the one who raised his hand in his fight against Golovkin, none of them actually suffered defeat. Alvarez answered a lot of the questions, whether he could battle with a real Mexican style and stay on his feet. He demonstrated that he was able to stand in the center of the ring and control the speed of the battle. Alvarez proved that although he was the smaller man he still had enough power and courage to defeat Golovkin in the ring. At the same time, Golovkin demonstrated that he was as cunning as his opponent, and that he could use not   only his strength, but also his mind.

Both boxers showed themselves from different sides. They both had their ace in the hole. Both men changes since their first meeting. After all, boxing is not only about showing your skills and knowledge, but also about demonstrating your intelligence. Competitive spirit isn’t just a type of uncertain ideology, but the sparkle inside each athlete’s soul. The last fight showed that both athletes were flexible persons ready to admit their mistakes and find new ways to show they were worthy of being called the best.

Regardless of the outcome, there were two winners last Saturday. Both Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin won the fight, each in his own way. And as corny as that sounds, boxing enthusiasts got a final victory, watching both men show themselves in the best possible way. It was a horrible, and at the same time wonderful battle.