In anticipation of warm, sunny days or summer cozy family parties and picnics, many of us are looking at awnings, tents or mobile gazebos to travel comfortably outside the town, to organize a picnic at the summer cottage or just to have a pleasant rest time next to the house while being protected from the heat and prying bloodthirsty insects.

Of course, first of all pay attention to the quality of the material from which the canopy tent is made. This is very important: the heavier is the tent packed, the better it is. If you take the cheaper option of this shelter from the sun, so the rain coupled with the heat will simply spoil the surface and it will to tear.

Good options are tents with rubberized coating; it is the same canopy, which is made of quilted strips of low-carbon polyethene, but also with a thin layer of rubber on top of the basic bedding material. This canopy tent will serve you for a long time and, of course, this kind of tents has much more weight than the conventional counterparts. It should also be noted that the expanded tent with rubberized coating is much heavier than any other one.

Tent manufacturers provided an ability to create a comfortable space anywhere. There are construction materials on the basis of tissue, plastic or net canvas against sandfly. Attached to a rectangular frame grid constructions are resembling the walls of the arbor. On top of them an imitation of the fabric coating wall can be lowered. It will be decorated by window openings, which are covered with mosquito netting. Here at this fenced from all sides area long conversations can be conducted in quiet and cool. This tent can become a refuge for the night, if the house is heated by sunlight and there are soggy. It can hold a hammock or dining table.

What color of tent to choose?

If you think that this issue does not make any sense, you’re wrong. From physics we know such a thing as surface albedo. What does it mean? This is a cover ability to reflect sunlight and heat.

The darker is a canopy tent cover, the lower is a level of its albedo, which means that under the sun it is getting very hot, that cannot be mentioned as the positive side of the tent. But a very light cover will immediately get dirty, there will be a great amount of dust and dirt on the canopy tent, and it will be very difficult to wash it. Yellow, orange, blue, cyan and green can be alternative variants.

You can find a canopy tent of absolutely any size. This will give you the opportunity to practically and comfortably place a tent in the garden. It will not be very small and will allow you to move around the garden or the courtyard garden with a solid comfort. So you can calculate the size of the canopy tent for a certain number of guests, which is also not unimportant.

Canopy tent is a good option for leisure out of doors. And its practicality will provide an opportunity not only to drink tea inside of it, but to celebrate a birthday or any other celebration as well.