Auto tuning

Tuning the car is a process of car improvement by installing emergency units, assemblies and components, altering certain properties of the machine (including appearance).

Improvement of cars has no limits. The subject is interesting and exciting. Tuning can include quite serious changes in the design of the engine, suspension and other vehicle systems. The English word «tuning» refers to the term “setting”. And what, in fact, do we set up?
Tuning is called the art of giving to one of hundreds similar standard cars its own unique face. It is the art of giving the holder of the vehicle a sense of individuality. Many of them, in principle, happy with their cars, but sometimes they really want it to be something different from thousands of other cars.

The simplest thing is the external finish. From banal stickers, toning up batches of plastic and even “body kits» (equipment set for external tuning, modular set of equipment for a specific machine). Of course, these actions will have no effect on the technical characteristics of the car. However, if you want to really increase the “ability” of your “iron horse”, then stickers are not enough.
Here you need a serious work with all systems of the car.

For those who are not ‘driving fast, but flying low “spoilers will be very useful. They enhance the clamp to the road. Also, they will need and additional air intakes for brakes cooling. All changes will be used to increase the power and speed of a vehicle.

Next in complexity are minor technical changes – ‘chip tuning’ (modification of software in the electronic control units of vehicles) or ‘tuned’ exhaust system. All this will increase the capacity without any major alterations of the motor.

The next level maens changes affecting aggregates and components. Here it is not necessary to experiment, because many operations require scientific computing, or at least experience. The most popular variant of tuning cars is to the “ring” sports. At this stage an ordinary “driver” begins to compete in street racing.

At the level of the major vehicle component parts modification there are already changes of gearbox with modified gear ratios, the replacement of gears. Such changes (of course, not counting excesses) do not require serious restructuring of the entire vehicle. After all, machines are mainly created for the average consumer, and allow the displacement of the individual parameters in a specific corridor.
Completing our tuning list superlight and heavy-duty engines, transmissions with stunning features. Among the epithets “super”, there are super prices. In addition to exclusivity, it is predicated upon the materials – strong light alloys, composites, carbon fiber.