Motorhome is a lifesaver during the holidays. But, whatever dimensions it has the interior space is never enough. The easiest way out would be to use a canopy over the area adjacent to the machine.

Solid canopy-tent

Canopy-tent can double the usable area of residence in a house on wheels, allowing you to enjoy your holiday whatever the weather. It is a spacious building, made of different material. And they may vary in quality and size. Some tents have additional cabins for sleeping, in others – removable panels that can be removed if there is a desire to get a warm. Some exclusive models even boast the presence of curtains that, however, are completely not visible from the outside.

How to pick a continuous canopy?

If you decide to purchase a solid canopy-tent, when choosing you should take into account two fundamental quantities.

The first digit – is the depth of the shed/

And the second – the value of “A”, which is an important characteristic of your motorhomes. The depth of the tent is the distance from the outer wall to the machine itself. Typically, this figure varies between 2.1 – 3.5 meters. In fact, it turns out the bigger is the depth, the greater is the internal floor area, but also the larger amount of material you would have to transport and then install in the parking lot.


Canopies-verandas are smaller than solid canopies-tents. Accordingly, they are easier and faster to install, which is useful for short parking. Such verandas are indispensable in wet and windy weather. First of all, they protect the door from the wind and rain. Also, there can be left dirty or wet clothes, so as not to put dirt inside the motorhome. In addition, a veranda is perfect for dry storage of bicycles and various beach accessories.

In good weather you can raise the front side and stay two together at the table enjoying the view of nature. Usually in such canopies there is enough place for that.

How to choose a canopy-veranda?

When purchasing a canopy-veranda you need to keep in mind two things.

Firstly, it is necessary to know the height of the house on wheels. It is measured from the top of the mounting crossbar to the ground.

Second, if at your motorhome there is a window near the front door, it can be a serious problem. When installing this type of canopies many windows are closed by the edge of the veranda. Therefore, before buying you need to decide how much these inconveniences will disturb you. For example, a stove can be right next to the window. In this case, when cooking you definitely need ventilation, and this window should be opened.


Marquise may be attached to one part of the house on wheels as the stationary or temporarily part. The first works on the principle of blinds and typically has a pair of built-in racks, which are fold-out and form a stable base.
In addition, you can add a soft fabric walls to marquise. That way you will get an additional enclosed space.

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