Nothing can decorate and refine your house or apartment as suspended chandelier with the lamp shade. Perhaps, the lamp shade is the most unusual detail of lighting design. The lamp shades are made of different materials, such as:
1. Textile.
2. Plastic.
3. Metal.

Nowadays the textile suspended chandelier with lamp shade is considered the most elegant. The light filters very softy through the cloth of the lamp shade, creating comfortable and even romantic atmosphere. Different materials are used for making cloth lamp shade. The most common are different kinds of synthetic fabric: silk, chintz, sateen, etc. Today the sconces with synthetic lamp shades are the most commonly used lighting devices. It’s not surprising, as they’re quite practical to use and have a reasonable price.

The chandelier with the lamp shade is the choice of people appreciating calmness, comfort and peace. Such chandelier looks very effective in the bedroom, where it spreads soft dull light. The lamp shade has the ability to absorb the part of light, creating the intimate atmosphere. In our time there are incredibly smart chandeliers with the lamp shades of different materials on sale. Some models are decorated with crystal or glass. Using such chandelier, you can create an original image of your room.

The chandeliers with lamp shade create the atmosphere of comfort and special mystery in the apartment. They have mysterious forms and unusual design, which can be performed both in style of rustic simplicity and in modern style. The chandelier lamp shade with its dull scattered light can be the perfect decoration of romantic evening or promote rest and relaxation in a cozy arm-chair with favorite book. That’s why the chandelier lamp shades are so popular with the lovers of home comfort. Even in unused time this chandelier represents an excellent decoration for any room.

The disadvantages of chandeliers with lamp shade as compared to the plafonds are the complexity of care and the short life. The thing is, it is proper to the fabric to gather dust and fade in the sun. However, the modern manufacturers always treat the material with special proofing, protecting from moisture, ultraviolet and repelling dust. So, feel free to buy the chandeliers with lamp shade. Have no doubt that they’ll serve you for many years! And remember that they blend with any interior style.