The kitchens of the modern design are the perfect choice for the people, which want to keep up with the progress and aim to use the newest technologies. Modern kitchen style is usually subdivided into three directions: modern, high-tech and minimalism.

Modern style of kitchen supposes the use of strict geometric forms and simple color combinations. The peculiarity of this style is the open space, the sharpness of forms and practically total absence of décor. As for the façade materials, modern style presumes the use of both modern (plastic, enamel or film facade) and traditional (wood or veneer) materials.

Hi-tech is the style of design, characterized by the prevalence of the technics, metal, glass and plastic. The peculiarities of this style are the use of irregular geometrical figures and the smooth overflowing of surfaces. Constructive units, fastening, joints and rivets, a lot of glass and metal details are used as the decoration. The main feature of this style is placing emphasis on the home appliances.

The kitchens, made in style of minimalism, are characterized by straight-line design, moderate coloring and the abundance of free space. Another peculiarity of this style is the use of compact built-in cabinets. The recesses in the wall are used as the wall shelves. There must be no open shelves, railing system and open storage trays. Nothing has to attract attention.