Almost every driver eventually starts to notice that his car started as if slowly dispersed, become not so quickly, as once when it has been purchased. If you are for the time of operation on a regular basis in accordance with the rules have changed the oil and filter, have cleaned the nozzles, etc., and the engine still “does not drive”, many of us begin to think about “tuning of the engine.”

All diesel and turbodiesel engines of modern cars are equipped with a control unit (ECU), which (with the help of actuators) controls all the processes in the engine according to a given program, based on sensor readings. Because of this engine performance (efficiency, dynamic acceleration, power, torque, etc.) depends on the software, h.e. “tuning”.

The fact that the automaker adjusts the car at the factory on the “golden mean” between power, efficiency, environmental friendliness, engine resource, etc. As always power margin is retained in the case of using this engine model to another car, which will require other characteristics. Therefore, the possibilities of the engine are “cut by electronics” and a car is coming off the assembly line with mediocre performance capacity, with increased fuel consumption, etc.

CHIP TUNING is the most optimal, and one of the unique ways to optimize the engine operation, to increase torque considerably and shift it into a low rpm zone without sacrificing engine life and efficiency. When editing bits the settings of angle and injection timing are changed, as well as pressure, airflow, fuel pressure, factors limiting the torque of the motor, etc. The greatest effect is achieved after a chip tuning for turbo engines.

As a result of high-quality diesel and turbo diesel engines chip tuning, you can:

  • increase the power and torque of 15% -25% (at turbo engines up to 35%) without compromising the life of the engine;
  • reduce fuel consumption;
  • improve the traction performance of engine and dynamics of dispersal;
  • improve the logic of the automatic transmission.

Also, if necessary:

  • software shutdown (EGR)
  • EGR valve (its undesired operation greatly affects the power and efficiency of the engine);
  • software disconnection of DPF (diesel particulate filter);

Instant and accurate response to the gas pedal, smooth and elastic dynamic acceleration will help to reach the desired speed quickly, and if you want maximum power with minimum fuel consumption – this is a general description of the car after chip tuning. Car Power is increasing to 20, and sometimes up to 50%. At any time you may return to the factory settings. Although sometimes it is a bad question, whether the car will be removed from its guarantee, after changing the factory settings. But if changes are provided correctly, there will be no problems.