All the family members, both children and adults, go to the bathroom every day. Every one of them has his/her own wishes and requirements. Children often start real water battles in the sink, when they just come to wash up in the morning or before a meal. That’s why the bathroom furniture must meet the highest standards of durability, functionality, safety and comfort. For this purpose, you should buy the special bathroom vanity.

It is very well, when everything necessary is in its position and at hand. It became possible due to the appearance of bathroom vanity.

Generally it consists of 3 elements: the tub under sink; the mirror; the base under sink (separate or combined with the mirror).
For greater convenience and comfort, the tub under sink can be located at your option. It can be fastened to the wall, stand on the legs or fit closely to the floor.

The base of the bathroom vanity

The main advantage of the bathroom vanity is its reasonable price. For example, the budget version is made of cheap materials, such as: wood particle board, enameled medium density fibreboard and plastic (one of the most popular materials as of today).

If you prefer more expensive bathroom vanity, choose the one made of natural wood. The most common wood species, used for its making, is walnut and oak. And to make a bathroom vanity look more aesthetic, they varnish wood, add glass, stone, metal and other materials according to the style of performance.

The bathroom vanity with the marble table top is very fashionable and popular among the manufacturers and customers. Such surface will delight your eye and add grandeur to the interior.

lowe's bathroom vanity

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