Since the children’s shoes should ensure the proper development of the feet and prevent flat feet, when buying shoes, pay attention on the next points:

Shape and style of shoes

Toddlers and older kids have more narrow heel, and place at the fingers – is wider. Therefore, in children’s shoes (even to the detriment of fashion) sock should be broad, allowing toes to move freely.


Ideal are organic (natural) materials, such as dressed leather or textiles. The most important property of these materials is that they are adapted to the anatomical shape of the foot. Say a firm “no” to synthetics – it creates the greenhouse effect, disrupts blood flow in the legs, makes muscles and feet ligaments weak and set them down.
The list of materials that freely “breathe”:

  • Textiles (natural fibers such as wool, chemical fibers – Polyamid …);
  • Leather (but only if it is natural);
  • Waterproof shoes with the special, breathable membrane;
  • Rubber boots;


It must be pretty tough, above the ankle, closing bone. So it will support the foot and around the heel to prevent bending of the heel.


Good fixation of foot in the shoe also provides the appropriate style of top, because that’s the top what keeps the leg rigidly in appropriate position and protects it from damage and negligence while walking. Despite the fact that the “Velcro” is more convenient than laces, from a medical point of view, laces better regulate the fitting of shoes to little feet. Therefore, we recommend you shoes with laces or with a closed top with straps.


Must be rough, non-slip (corrugated), elastic rubber or polyurethane, which can be easily bent by repeating the movement of the foot of the child. When purchasing be sure to try to bend the sole in the hands: it must be light and flexible.


In order to between the heel and the toe was a small difference, you must have 0.5-1 cm heel.


Not to be mistaken with the size can help the paper mold of the child’s foot (measurement is best to be done at the end of the day, when the size of the leg is maximum, as in the end of the day at the feet blood is surging and increasing the size of the foot). However, the child also need to be taken with you to the store so that he can take an active part in the selection.

The flexibility of shoes

The place where the foot bends at walking – for shoes very “hot.” Overly dense and poorly amenable to bending shoes increases fatigue, violates the convenience of walking and affects the healthy development of feet.