In the modern world, some holidays, the holidays of different folks have intertwined and intermingled. The striking example of this holiday is Halloween- the eve of All Saints’ Day. It is one of the most ancient holidays of the world, which combines the Celtic tradition (celebration of evil spirits) and the Christian tradition (worship of all Saints). Halloween is celebrated in the night from the 31st of October to the 1st of November. There is no doubt that one of the main elements of holiday is the festive costume. In the night of Halloween celebration, it is accepted to disguise oneself as the evil spirits and organize masquerades. If your child is too small or just shy, and don’t behave confidently in the circle of other children, you should choose “heroic” or smart festive attire. If your child is a leader, which is always in the center of attention and at ease in society, never feels shy or afraid, you can choose the “funny”, somewhat eccentric costume. Properly chosen costume is a pledge of a good holiday, as it gives your child a possibility to feel part of the common holiday: unusual and liberated. The fancy dresses for the children under 5 years usually don’t have the form of evil spirits. Mostly, these are the costumes of animals, insects, gnomes, and, of course, the main Halloween attribute- pumpkin.

Children of 5 years and upwards can dress as: pirates, knight, and comics superheroes. The carnival dresses for the girls of 5 years and upwards can be charming and beautiful (princesses, magic fairies) or funny (Pippi Longstocking, witch, mermaid).

There are some popular traditional Halloween costumes, irrespective of sex and age: the costumes of dark angel, skeleton, vampire, imp, etc. The carnival costume, suitable hair-do and make-up for Halloween is one of the ways of your child’s self-affirmation: the girl dressed as queen will feel majestic, and the little “fairy”- light and airy. A little witch can be mischievous and slightly naughty, and the boy in the costume of comics’ superhero will feel manly and self-confident.

Choose the Halloween costume for your baby in advance, decorate your house, prepare small presents sweets, and your holiday will be bright and unforgettable!