The interior decoration of your kid’s room is a very creative, interesting, but also responsible task! After all, this room will be the child’s entire world for a very long time! Here your kid will grow, develop, play, learn the new things, and be happy and sad.

Renovating the kid’s room, it is necessary to create the space, able to combine everything necessary for the child. But at the same time, it must match the taste preferences of the parents and blend with the house interior. It is much easier than it may seem to you.

The planning of the room

If there is an opportunity, choose the most spacious accommodation with a good light for the kid’s room. When the child grows, it needs as much space and light as possible. If there are dark corners in the room- get rid of them at once! Create the gleeful mood with the help of décor and lamps! The room must be bright.

Generally, the space of the kid’s room is divided into three main zones: playing zone; working zone; sleeping/resting zone.
There are several ways of their visual separation. The plainest way is the use of different color schemes for every one of them. Another popular option is the building of multilevel podiums.

The wall finishing must correspond to the activity rate of your child. Try to choose the waterproof hangings, or provide a separate place on the wall, covered with Whatman, where your little artist will create the first masterpieces.

The floor should be covered with the nonspottable coating. As for the child’s room, it is better to choose the carpets with the short nap- they gather less dust and are easier to care. Choose the warm carpet, as the children like to lie or play on the floor.

If you want to achieve the universality of interior, give preference to the austere furnishing with a long service life. Let the decorative elements (such as curtains, bright cushions, child’s drawings, funny illustrations and stickers and easily replaceable carpet coating) create the “childishness” of the room.