You must admit that the sitting room is the center of every house or apartment. People usually judge the taste preferences and financial opportunities of the house owners by the appearance of this room. So, before starting to decorate this room, you should think over a few important matters.
First of all, determine the functions of the sitting room in your apartment.

The ideas of furniture placement in the sitting room

If you place the plasma TV or home cinema in your sitting room, it will become the favorite place of amusement of your family and friends. It’s worth mentioning, that such idea is popular among the most of families, living in the apartment houses.

If you’re a fortunate possessor of a big house or apartment, you can assign certain room for the screening of films, and use the living room for other purposes. For instance, this room is perfect for the rest or small buffet dinner. Here you can also read your favorite book or arrange a tea-drinking with your family. The gatherings at the fireplace or candlelight romantic dinner are also excellent. All the ideas for sitting room are good in their own way.

The furniture of living room must be cozy and comfortable. It is wonderful, if you choose the sofa with arm-rests and reclining chair for the living room. In this case, you and your guests will get an opportunity to rest in any comfortable position. The properly chosen decorative pillows will also beautify the interior.
We recommend you to pay your attention to the following sitting room ideas, if you’re a fan of elegant and festive decoration of your interior and aren’t afraid of frequent cleaning.

The bright ideas for sitting room

The rooms decorated in bright color, with abundance of contrast color combinations, radiate energy, positive and cheerfulness! Creating the interior, you must be guided not only by the designers’ advice, but also by your own mood. In this case, the success is assured. There are many ideas for the creation of vivid sitting room. The main thing you should take into account is your own comfort.

The ideas of sitting room in the exquisite style

If you’re a lover of antiquity, crazy about the old-fashioned things, the idea of sitting room design in classic style is just the thing for you. Creating such an interior, you must pay great attention to the right choice of quiet pastel shades. The subdued lighting and the furniture with carved legs will complete the exquisite atmosphere of your sitting room.

Following our advice, you’ll be able to act as a designer and create a wonderful interior of the most important room in the house.