A lot of people probably know one historical event that occurred at the end of the XIXth century in Alaska. 1896 saw the beginning of real gold rush which lasted for several years and drew a large number of people into the Northern part of America like a vacuum cleaner. They all went to a rather harsh place for one purpose only – to find the gold. Many people found this precious metal, earned fortunes, but there were also those who spent the last money, but returned home empty-handed. It was very good if they came back alive from this inhospitable region.

It was already a little bit more than 100 years after these events, precisely in 2003, when there was something similar, but this time the event was more extensive and it touched the carder world. Since then, every beginner, who has made a decision to come to carding, has been making various attempts in order to put into practice what every colleague dreams of. After all, they ask the same question: “Where is it better to buy dumps with pin”? After all, if you get the correct answer to this question, you can already come to the ATM, put a credit card dump in it and withdraw cash.

At first, such questions were answered with diverse jokes and they recommended a person to go out and freshen up, but the situation changed dramatically in 2003. This was due to not very high qualification and poor speed of one carder from America. His actions can be compared with the activities of Alexander Fleming, who managed to discover penicillin. However, the latter was able to achieve this result thanks to the disregard for his work, because he did not close the cup in which this culture grew, as a result of which the spores of wild penicillin got into the cup from the environment. Such a misdemeanor would have resulted in dismissal in any laboratory, but Fleming even won the Nobel Prize for such an oversight.

Something similar happened with the American carder, who just did not take into account all the manuals that are available on credit cards. They say about the presence of the code CVV/CVC, which must be checked by the Issuer during each transaction. Moreover, its introduction without the use of a secret key is impossible, and this key is stored in a bank.

Due to phishing, this employee managed to get a few numbers of plastic bank cards that were going to expire. Moreover, he also got some pin codes. Basing on the available data, the carder decided to generate a working dump, and then receive cash through an ATM. Many representatives of card security, who had already had a lot of experience, were very surprised to learn that such a trick was successful. Many people remember the time when the UK carders, who took pictures of the cards and peeped their pin codes, were caught by the police. After that, each of the transactions by all issuers had to pass with the verification of CVV / CVC code. However, now we are talking about the state of things in the 20th century, or to be more precise, in the 80s.

If you ask a hundred bank employees who work in the field of plastic cards whether it is possible have a transaction through atm dumps with pin without checking CVV / CVC, all of them will give the affirmative answer – it is simply impossible. Though, in reality, such things happen, though not in every bank and not every day, but sometimes it happens.

The truth is that there was created a cunning workaround in order not to make the situation get out of control. It was said that fake dump CVV / CVC code was generated simply at random and smart carders deciphered the algorithm by which the code was encrypted. As a result, a part of carders started looking for a nonexistent algorithm.

There is no accurate information that caused this situation, but the fact is that some banks did not check CVV/CVC during ATM transactions. Maybe it’s a human factor. Perhaps, the banking software was configured badly. As a result, if you knew the card number, which expired, as well a pin code, it was possible to generate the rest of cc dumps, and then withdraw cash from the bank. As soon as such an operation was done, the news immediately began to spread among the carders, and this could be compared with the information that was carried by the miners in Alaska. That’s what triggered the second gold rush.

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