Creating comfort in the home, it is unrealistic to confine the absence of such a heavy component as dressing room curtains, which are considered not so much a window decoration, but also set a specific style, the atmosphere, the mood in the room, but also can help to hide some construction errors or stress in an interesting light distinctive style features.

Let’s try to deal with the seemingly familiar to us the concepts of “blinds, curtains, drapes,” what is the difference and what are their distinguishing features. Since the combination of different fabrics, of which are made curtains, allow to create different style of interiors – from the traditional to postmodern.

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Curtains – is a composite, and sometimes a single conceptof window fabric curtains used to close windows. Curtain (fr. Store) – window curtain, which is expanded to the sides or rises. Curtains have every chance to be named the curtains for the windows, consisting entirely of tulle (delicate transparent or translucent light fabric), organza, voile. Also, curtains have all chances to consist exclusively of the drapes, and if the composition looks complete, it also has the right to be called curtains.

Proceeding from method of attachment to the cornice and decorative characteristic distinguishing features, the curtains are divided into types: slidding, Roman, Austrian, Japanese, French, curtains on the eyelets, hinges on kulisk, screens or roller blinds.


Another kind of draperies for the windows – drapes. Вкфзу (it. Gardine) – gentle window curtain of thin transparent or translucent tissue that covers the entire aperture. Specificity of drapes is that for interior design they are used in tandem with curtains and independent as a separate component of decorating the windows.


In what is still a difference of portieres from curtains and drapes? Since originaly curtains and drapes have been invented just for window decorations, hanging – originally came into life as a heavy dense curtain for decorating doorways and protect from light.

Hangings (French. Portiere – door). Often the curtain consists of a 1 or 2 vertical blades and 1 horizontal – pelmet, which is located at the top of the hangings. Their main feature, which remains unchanged – it is a hard dense tissue that is used to sew them.